Entertaiment is a word that means something affording pleasure or diversion, or amusement. It can be a form of entertainment for a small group, such as a theatrical performance or a dinner party; or entertainment for thousands, such as a sporting event or concert.

It can also be a hobby, such as solving the daily crossword puzzle or working on an art project, and is often part of leisure time activities. The term entertainment is closely associated with amusement, although many entertainments have a serious purpose or are meant to convey social messages.

The word derives from the Latin intertenere, “to hold inside” (see intra-) + tenir, “to stretch out” (see ten). The suffix -ment is a common one with verb stems and also occurs with nouns of action (amazement, betterment, merriment) as well as in some adjectives, such as amazement, merryment, and betterment. The suffix -ment is a typical feature of French nouns, and it became the standard form in English in 16c.