Dr. Cameron Gilbert

Medical and Mental Illness Require Unique Treatment, According to Dr. Cameron Gilbert of NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals

Dr. Cameron Gilbert of NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Identifies How Many Patients Have Mental and Medical Illnesses CO-Existing

Many patients are treated either for their medical problems or for their mental illness, not both. As such, many people don’t get the full level of assistance that they need. The NeuroPsychiatric Hospital offers a dual diagnosis treatment approach in order to help patients who are not able to be admitted into other facilities because of the multiple issues they face, Cameron Gilbert, Ph.D., explains.

The NeuroPsychiatric Hospital system provides acute medical and acute psychiatric treatment across multiple locations, including Arizona, Texas, and Indiana. NPH ensures that patients are able to get the assistance they need while adhering to the mental health parity laws that are in place.

Mental health problems can span anything from schizophrenia to bipolar, explains Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana. It requires an added level of care that the average medical hospital cannot provide. NeuroPsychiatric Hospital aims to provide a higher level of treatment by exploring the behavior exhibited by a patient and providing necessary treatments while actively treating co-morbid medical conditions that typical psychiatric hospitals do not provide acute 24/7 internal medicine.

The majority of patients found at NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals demonstrate suicidal and/or homicidal behavior. This is common with patients that deal with mental and medical problems as they’re not gaining the help that they need resulting in terrible frustration for the patient and family, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana explains. Often, the mental aspect is not being treated at all or they are not getting their medications monitored effectively in order to keep an appropriate balance while focusing on keeping the patient, family and society safe.  Insurance programs, especially Managed Medicare or 

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals aim to help patients who are either too mentally impaired to go to a traditional medical hospital or too medically ill to be able to go into a psychiatric hospital. Patients who are not able to seek the help that they need because of traditional hospitals turning them away end up on the streets. In some instances, there can be extreme mood swings, leading to violent outbursts that can put family members or society as a whole in danger.

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals serve as a safety net for local communities to ensure that patients are getting the help that they need and often works closely with Judges and Law Enforcement. Further, the hospitals do not require the referral of a physician. Instead, if an individual or a community realizes that a person needs unique treatment, they can visit the NeuroPsychiatric Hospital in one of its locations to gain more assistance, explains Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana.

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