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Neuropsychiatric Hospital

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Helps Adults Who Suffer from Autism and Mental Illness

Premier neuropsychiatric hospital helps patients with complex medical and neurological conditions

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital (NPH) announces its treatment of adults who suffer from both autism and mental illness. NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals specialize in providing care for patients with complex medical, behavioral and neuropsychiatric issues. The hospital is known for its specialty in treating complex patients with neurological who also suffer from other behavioral disturbances.

“Some people diagnosed with autism can suffer from other debilitating mental health conditions,” said NPH’s Founder and Chairman, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana. “Anxiety and depression and other mood disorders occur at alarming rates among individuals with autism, which makes it even harder for people with autism to feel safe in everyday situations.”

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital patients are people who have not been able to be treated successfully at a traditional medical hospital due to severe psychiatric impairments that are coupled with medical or neurological issues. 

Dr. Cameron Gilbert continued, “Individuals with autism can also suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and more. It’s important to treat each distinct neurological and psychiatric condition and each patient with respect and dignity.”

“It’s highly important to make the right diagnosis for all patients and especially autism patients,” said Dr. Cameron Gilbert. “The right diagnosis drives the right treatment planning, medication selection, educational programming, as well as behavioral programming.”

“From experience, we know young people with autism are at particular risk of self-harm and suicidal behavior,” said Dr. Cameron Gilbert. “We need to be there for autistic individuals, both young and old. When their needs go unmet, they end up in emergency rooms and inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, which can be highly traumatizing.”

“At NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, we dedicate our lives to taking care of our patients with multiple complex issues. We understand the sensitive nature of their situations and work with their families and loved ones to ensure they get the care and attention they need,” said Dr. Cameron Gilbert. 

About NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals specializes in providing care for patients with complex medical, behavioral and neuropsychiatric issues. Founded in 2006 by Dr. Cameron Gilbert, Indiana, NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals utilizes an integrated healthcare model at each of its hospitals. Interdisciplinary teams consisting of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals ensure that all patient conditions are addressed to “better heal the body and the mind.” NPH currently operates hospitals in the Midwest and has announced plans to open facilities in Arizona and Texas over the next few months. For more information, visit www.NeuroPsychiatricHospitals.net.

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