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NeuroPsychiatric Hospital is Moving to the 21st Century Under the Leadership of Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana

Dr. Cameron Gilbert is using state-of-the-art technology to streamline patient care and more fully reach each individual that visits NeuroPsychiatric Hospital

The medical staff and hospital staff at NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals are using an old concept to create a new integrated model of care for those suffering with extreme behavior conditions combined with complex medical and/or neurological conditions. According to Dr. Cameron Gilbert, “our hospitals are using state-of-the-art facilities to streamline patient care in a truly integrated approach to more fully reach each individual patient that is treated at one of our NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals.

Dr. Cameron Gilbert IndianaMental health and physical health are often kept in separate categories. A patient may be seeing one doctor for physical symptoms and another for depression, or one doctor for wound care and another for hallucinations with little if any communication between the physicians. These complex patients need comprehensive and effective care. Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana is changing this mindset with NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals.

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital is a system of hospitals that offer both mental and general medical healthcare to patients who are in extreme need for a variety of reasons. Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana leads the NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals across the nation with an innovative integrated healthcare plan that includes veritable teams of healthcare professionals who practice different types of medicine to effectively heal both “the body and the mind” alike. Cameron Gilbert, as chairman and CEO of NeuroPsychiatric hospital, is working hard each day to make real change for patients and professionals.

Integrated Medicine at any hospital is the key to treating the person as a whole and not a lot of separate parts, according to Dr. Cameron Gilbert.

Dr. Cameron Gilbert has said that as the leader of NeuroPsychiatric Hospital: “We will continue to strive to serve vulnerable people in underserved communities. It is our mission to treat patients with complex psychiatric issues and serious medical and neurological disorders.” Sadly these people are overlooked in many hospitals and healthcare organizations, because of the lack of integration between physical and mental health. The combination of psychiatry and general medicine closes a gap that has left many patients without the care they need for their overall health and wellness.

Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana is leading this integration of the mind and body at multiple comprehensive hospitals across the nation. The patients are in extreme need and our hospitals demonstrate this new innovative integration is not only life-changing, but it is also life-saving. People in need discover that they are not just fed through the system at centers where they get their physical health problems treated, then separately their mental health problems are addressed when the issue becomes so dire they must receive care at a completely different center with no unified plan to address the patient as a whole, but instead they find care for the mind and body and a plan to continuously heal both. Unfortunately, managed care and Medicare Advantage Insurance programs force this broken and segregated system that has deteriorated over the last 20 years or so. Be maximizing insurance companies’ profits, they often force the patient into a constant state of brokenness.

These patients can benefit from care and it is deeply life-changing. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana is leading these changes and innovations. The work is important and backed by caring mental health and internal medicine physicians and nurses who implement his plans on a daily basis. Each shift is life-changing for the patients under the direction of Dr. Cameron Gilbert.

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