The Daily News

Daily News is a newspaper with national and local coverage of sports, politics and gossip. Its New York-based writers and columnists bring you all the best of news from the world’s greatest city, and beyond.

Founded in 1919 as the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format, the Daily News is today a major source of local and national news, sports and opinion. It is owned by tronc, which also owns the Tribune Company, and is the ninth largest daily newspaper in the United States. Its editorial stance is characterized by moderate-to-liberal bias, and it often contrasts with the right-wing New York Post.

The Daily News is the oldest college daily newspaper in the nation. Its journalists, contributors and alumni have gone on to serve in government, business, academia, the arts, and in many other professions. Its writers, editors and staff have shaped journalism, politics and society for more than 130 years. This archive chronicles the paper’s history and its legacy through digitized versions of every issue published from its founding in 1889 to 1995, including all the Daily News staff editions from 1929 to 1995.

When writing a news article, it is important to give all of the relevant details about what happened. This includes when and where it happened, who was involved, and why it is newsworthy. Providing this information will help readers understand and be aware of the story, making them more informed citizens. It is also helpful to note whether the news article has an opinion or factual content.

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The Daily News has long been a source of national and international news. Its New York-based writers and commentators have made it one of the country’s most trusted sources for sports, politics, gossip, and more. Its opinion pieces, in particular, have been lauded for their wit and originality.

In the wake of a high-profile Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, The Daily News explores future admission models at selective colleges and universities. Its writers explain how affirmative action was a necessary tool for protecting the rights of minorities and fostering diversity in America’s colleges and universities, and they provide insight into what to expect with the repeal of this policy. This article is a must-read for anyone interested in higher education and its impact on our diverse society.